Recognizing our Outstanding Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are an integral part of our college’s success.  In College of Health and Human Services (CHHS), we are lucky to have such a diverse group of hardworking individuals who epitomize commitment to students, selfless service, and meaningful research.

Yearly, each department nominates individuals for the CHHS Outstanding Faculty Awards for Teaching Research/Creative Activity, Student Advisement, and Public Service. The CHHS Sabbatical and Faculty Awards Committee, led by Dr. Jay Gabbard and committee members Dr. Ashley Fox, Dr. Karen Mason, Dr. Tammie Stenger-Ramsey, Dr. Cathy Abell, Ms. Becky Tabor, and Dr. Tom Nicholson, spent a great deal of time selecting individuals whom they feel best represented the spirit of the college and WKU in the categories in which they were nominated.

The 2014 CHHS Outstanding Faculty Award recipients for Teaching, Research/Creative Activity, Student Advisement, and Public Service are:

  • Teaching – Dr. Fred Gibson, Associate Professor, KRS
  • Research/Creativity – Dr. Dana Sullivan, Associate Professor, SW
  • Student Advisement – Ms. Donna Hey, Instructor, KRS
  • Public Service – Dr. Eve Main, Associate Professor, SON
Dr. Fred Gibson

The recipient for this year’s Faculty Award for Teaching is Dr. Fred Gibson. Fred is a Professor in the School of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport. As evidence of his exemplary commitment to student success, Dr. Gibson won the University Faculty award for Student Advisement two years ago. Dr. Gibson was instrumental in the development of the Master’s program in Recreation & Sport Administration, a graduate program with six concentrations, five of which are 100% online. This graduate program has flourished under Dr. Gibson’s direction and leadership and now has well over 300 enrolled students. A former student concisely summarized Fred’s impeccable contributions as an exemplary teacher: “He prepares his students through his teaching to engage in critical thinking and provides students with the framework to be successful in the workforce and in life. He has positively impacted many through lifetime teaching, with his character, qualifications, love, and passion for teaching.” Fred strives to be a caring and proficient teacher that enhances the personal and professional lives of WKU students. I share Fred’s goal of inspiring WKU students’ passion for continual excellence and life-long learning.

The Faculty Award for Research/Creativity goes to Dr. Dana Sullivan. Dana, a leading child welfare researcher in KY, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work. Since joining WKU in 2009, she has been awarded four federal grants, and four state research contracts. Dana has a knack for levering these grants into multiple manuscripts.

Dr. Dana Sullivan
Dr. Dana Sullivan

Dana has published 17 peer-reviewed journal articles and delivered 18 peer-reviewed conference presentations. In the context of her clinical and service related commitment this level of research productivity is extremely remarkable. Dr. Sullivan’s article on child welfare workers’ retention was recently named as one of the most cited articles in the journal Children and Youth Services Review. Her peers regard Dana as an influence and benefit in the field of social work, one noting, “She does not settle for mediocrity to gain another publication notch in her belt, but wants to be thorough and cover all angles in order to increase practice wisdom in the field of child welfare.” What I really value about Dana is that she is team oriented and knows how to work effectively with a research team.

Ms. Donna Hey

Faculty Award for Student Advisement –Ms. Donna Hey is an Instructor in the School of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport. She currently advises 150 students in Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Sport Management, while simultaneously teaching 9-12 credit hours a semester. As a teacher and as an advisor, Ms. Hey is always completely engaged and she strives to ensure that each student receives the attention they deserve. A student remarked, “Ms. Hey is a kind-hearted, caring and creative advisor, and it has been a pleasure working with her. Her display of true interest and support to her students’ endeavors shows the loving, compassionate personality that she has that makes her a remarkable advisor.” Ms. Hey goes above and beyond her duties as an instructor and an advisor to perpetuate the KRS and CHHS Mission of providing a high quality educational experience for WKU students. We are thankful for Ms. Hey’s remarkable dedication to student success.

Dr. Eve Main
Dr. Eve Main

Faculty Award for Public Service – Dr. Eve Main is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing. Many of her service projects bring recognition to WKU from non-university clients who have benefited from services performed through access to medical care, health education, and health screenings, including the Mennonite Clinic and the Tetanus Project for rural farmers in the Barren River District. A colleague notes, “Dr. Main’s public service activities have touched and improved the lives of people from diverse populations. She exemplifies the true meaning of public service by sharing her time, expertise, and resources to promote the integration of academic excellence and community service.

In addition to her extensive list of service activities, Dr. Main continues to provide unique opportunities to her students, immersing them in an environment where service truly leads to learning. I truly applaud Dr. Main’s active collaboration with groups off campus that fosters novel experiential learning opportunities for our students. In addition to being an award winner for CHHS, Dr. Main was selected as the university faculty award winner for Public Service.

Each of the recipients above have been honored and recognized at several campus events, including the Faculty Award Reception this past April, the Faculty Award Banquet in May, Commencement in May, and they will also be recognized during Convocation next month.

Mr. Dennis Chaney
Mr. Dennis Chaney

In addition to the CHHS Outstanding Faculty Awards for Teaching, Research/Creative Activity, Student Advisement, and Public Service, the CHHS Sabbatical and Faculty Awards Committee also selects an Outstanding CHHS Staff Awardee, and an Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Awardee.

Ms. Bernadette Mullen
Ms. Bernadette Mullen

This year, Ms. Bernadette Mullen was selected as the Outstanding Staff Award recipient and Mr. Dennis Chaney was named the CHHS Outstanding Part-Time Faculty recipient.


We are extremely proud of the hard work of our faculty and staff, as well as the careful consideration of the Awards committee. Each individual who was nominated plays an important role in the continued success of our programs and the college as a whole.

To see information on previous winners, visit our WEBSITE.




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