Welcome Back to the Hill!

Today is the first official day of Fall 2016 semester start, and what an exciting time it is to be a Hilltopper! Our faculty and staff within the College of Health & Human Services (CHHS), have been busy preparing not only for this very first week of class, but also for this entire academic year and beyond. Shortly after my arrival to WKU in Spring 2015, I put plans together to work collaboratively with faculty, staff, students and constituents to develop a strategic plan for CHHS, as described in my blog entry, CHHS Strategic Planning: Phase I and CHHS: Strategic Planning: Phase II . There have been some challenges, a few setbacks and many wins. As the CHHS transitions into the next phase of development, it is essential that we are mindful of the CHHS value statement:

Collectively, we are challenged to be human change agents by creating a community of scholars dedicated to the education of next generation health and human services practitioners who are committed to enhancing the quality of life and health where people live, work, and play.


Creating a Community of Scholars:

While it is one of our goals to consistently recruit top talent into our college, it is also impeccable to make sure our infrastructure supports that goal. As reflected in our values statement, CHHS is challenged to create a community of scholars dedicated to the education of next generation health and human services practitioners. This week we hosted our bi-annual CHHS All College Meeting for our faculty and staff. These meetings, held before the start of the academic term, bring light to our upcoming goals, the challenges we face, and provides opportunity to recognize achievements and awards.

2016.08.17_ chhs meeting _lewis-0005
CHHS All College Meeting- August 17, 2016 at the Medical Health Sciences Complex

Being the largest college on campus, we have an equally large base of faculty and staff, with nearly 250 colleagues that support our college. I am honored to be working as Dean of a college that boasts such rich tradition, research and service at WKU. At the meeting, we were honored to bring recognition to the 57 colleagues within our college that have served over 10 years at Western Kentucky University, as well as honor 18 colleagues that have served over 20 years at Western Kentucky University. It is humbling to see the committed dedication our colleagues bring to both WKU and the CHHS.

CHHS Faculty & Staff with over 10 years of service to WKU.
CHHS faculty & staff with over 10 years of service to WKU.
CHHS Faculty and Staff with over 20 years of service to WKU!
CHHS faculty and staff with over 20 years of service to WKU.

We also recognized six colleagues for receiving advanced degrees in their respective fields.

I am thankful for the team we have in place at CHHS. Our success, as a college to be human change agents committed to enhancing the quality of life and health where people live, work and play, is as great as the people committed to our core. Without a doubt, I believe we have a resplendent basis for success at CHHS!


Committed to enhancing the quality of life and health:

As a college that has faced budget cuts and limitations to our resources, we are constantly re-evaluating our processes and structure to maximize our tools at hand when equipping our faculty, staff and students. Committed to excellence in the allied health and human service industries, CHHS and WKU are always striving to maintain an edge in this competitive and ever-demanding field. So, I cannot be more excited about the new partnership that was established just last week between Western Kentucky University and Med Center Health, in the construction of the Med Center Health Sports Medicine Complex on WKU’s campus. This new healthcare and affiliation agreement between WKU and Med Center Health further strengthens the commitment of leading education and healthcare service organizations in South Central Kentucky, and also creates an opportunity for the CHHS Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program to re-locate to main campus (DPT currently located off-campus at the Medical Health Sciences Complex), and be joined by Med Center Health’s Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation group. This new partnership and building engages our DPT program with our WKU athletic teams in a new state-of-the-art facility.

We have so many great successes, resources, projects, contributions, support, research and planning taking place in the CHHS, and I expect a grand, unparalleled 2016-2017 academic year on the Hill!

Warm Regards,